4 Ways a New Printer Can Save You Money

Printers are a staple of every office, of course, but just like any old office computer, they will need more maintenance and will rack up hefty costs as they age.

Replacing your printing system isn’t an enjoyable thing to do, but it’s worthwhile; you’ll end up saving costs and increasing your office’s productivity.

Here are four ways that a new printer can save you money at your office.

1) Less Energy Consumption, Lower Utility Bills

Getting your hands on an energy-efficient model can reduce your utility bills significantly. The reason is simple: lower energy consumption leads to savings. 

Energy-efficient models like the Epson WF-450 use about 70% less energy than standard models and consume about 40% less ink. Some modern printers offer replacement cartridges that offer savings on the price of cartridges and reduce waste.

Don’t be fooled by the initial price of cheaper models; they cost you more over time than smarter, more efficient models.

2) Better Reliability Equals Fewer Service Calls

Are printer hardware issues becoming more frequent now than in the past?

Printers tend to last for 3-5 years before they start to break down. While well-maintained machines can last longer, expenses and maintenance costs can quickly exceed the purchase price of the printer. That, plus the downtime while your printer is in the shop, is probably not worth the wait.

Find a model that won’t require you to call tech support every week. Search for the most reliable, recent models.

Better yet, talk to a printing expert who can give you the low-down on the best options for your business’ needs.

Printers tend to last for 3-5 years before they start to break down.

3) More Software Compatibility

Keeping your office software up to date is important — but that has to mean all of your equipment. A sparkly new OS is only going to go so far if your printers can’t recognize it. 

If you’re considering upgrading your office hardware, make sure to update your printers too. The last thing you want to deal with is syncing issues between your computers and printers.

4) Time is Money and New Machines Get the Job Done Faster

Have you observed a ‘queue’ at your office printers with staff patiently waiting to print? We applaud their patience, but it eats up everyone’s time.

Print speeds have significantly improved with models built in the last five years. Besides this, aging parts and repeated use significantly slows down the maximum print speed.

If you run an office environment and don’t use a modern laser printer, you may want to consider one, as they print significantly faster than other models – the fastest can print over 200 pages per minute!!!


Office technology is constantly evolving, and printers are no exception. Even if your printer seems to be functioning well, a newer model may save you valuable time and money.

Talk to a business technology professional to see how you can benefit from buying a new printer in Victoria or buying a printer in Corpus Christi; you’ll be amazed by what these new models can do!

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